Why Terrorism Does Not Work Research Project

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a political science project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Part one consists of the identification and evaluation of the research design employed in a published study. You can choose from a list of studies here*. The expected word count for this element of the project will be 1000 words. In this section of the project you are asked to briefly identify the research question the study examines, briefly summarise the theoretical argument the study tests or develops, identify how the study tests or develops these arguments and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of this research design from the perspectives of internal and external validity.

In the second part of the project you are asked to develop your own processing tracing research design for a single case or comparative case study. This design needs to test an existing theory in politics and international relations. It can test an existing theory we have discussed in the course or one from another aspect of your studies. The expected word count of this element of the project will be 2000 words. The entire project is worth 85% of the final grade.I have attached a presentation which can act as a guideline for you to work with and basically shows what we need in the project. I have also attached an example project of how the project should look like and a framework for the evaluation of articles.

This aspect of the project needs to:

a) Identify the research question the research design addresses.

b) Identify the theory you are going to test.

c) Identify why you are choosing the case or cases you are investigating in the light of the theory you are testing.

d) In other words, you need to identify how the case enables you to test the theory.

e) Identify the limitations of the case or cases for testing the theory.

f) Identify the key propositions you will test in the case.

g) Identify the key processes that link the independent variable to the dependent variable you will examine in the case. A table may help here.

h) Identify the types of evidence that you will need to collect to trace these processes. Evidence can be quantitative or qualitative.

i) Identify the sources that you will examine in order to collect evidence about the key processes.

j) Identify the ease which you will be able to access or use these resources

*I will attach the articles that need to be used for first and second parts

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