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  1. What is the purpose of the Preamble?
  2. What people are included in “We the people.”
  3. What does “domestic tranquility” mean?
  4. How long is the Preamble?

Article I:

1, The first sentence of the first three articles of the Constitution “vests” (meaning, grants or bestows) to each of the three branches of government the power, the specific function of writing laws (Article I, legislative power),enforcing laws (Article II, executive power) and adjudicating (resolving disputes) laws. If that is the case, how are administrative agencies be created and given legislative, executive and judicial powers?

  1. What are the two parts of Congress called?
  2. How do the requirements for legislators in the House of Representatives differ from legislators in the Senate? And how do both differ from the requirements to be President?
  3. In Section 2, clause 3, what did “all other persons” mean?
  4. To which House of Congress is given the power of impeachment?What does the other House do in regard to impeachment?
  5. Who is the head of the House of Representatives and who is the head of the Senate and how are they chosen?
  6. How and when are the members of Congress paid?(Please refer to the 27thAmendment as well as Article I)

8. In which House of Congress do revenue bills originate and what is the role in this matter of the other House?

9. Section 8 delineates (lists) the powers of Congress. What are they?

10. What does Section 9 say6 about the slave trade? How does it refer to the slave trade without using those words? Does it mention slavery?

11, What are habeas corpus, bills of attainder and ex post facto laws?

12. What does Article I say about the powers of the states?

Article II.

1. How are the President and Vice President elected?

2, What does it mean to be a naturalized citizen vs a natural born citizen?

3. How is the vacancy in the office of President filled?

4. What does it mean to be Commander-in-Chief?

Article III

1. What court is created by the Constitution?

2. What body creates all the courts, not created by the Constitution?

3. In cases of impeachment, who serves as the jury?

4. What is the definition of treason?

5. What is necessary for conviction of treason?

6. Who declares the punishment for treason?

Article IV:

1. To what does “full faith and credit” refer?

2. What is the objective of Section 2, clause 3?

3. What does Section 3 regulate?

4. What is a “republican form of government”?

5. Where have you heard the phrases “privileges and immunities” and “full faith and credit”?

Article V:

1. What two bodies can propose an amendment to the United States Constitution?

2. What two bodies can ratify amendments to the Constitution>?

Article VI:

1. Why is the validituy of debt so important to the Constitution?

2. What is the impact of paragraph 2?

3. What kind of oath is demanded of Senators and Representatives and all executive and judicial officers in federal and state government?

Artocl;e VII:

1. How many states are sufficient to ratify this Constitution?

2. How does this differ from the Articles of Confederation?

General questions:

1. What impressed you most about the United States Constitution?

2. What would you add or take away from it?

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