Utah State University Political Science Essay

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Answer the following questions about the Russian invasion of Ukraine: 

1. Why is this event or issue important to international relations?
2. What two theories are you using to analyze this event?
3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each theory in analyzing your topic?
4. Which of your two theories is more useful to the analysis of your topic and why?

according to the following rubric:

Analysis:  Does the paper answer all of the questions above? Does the paper stay on-topic and avoid irrelevant information? Are the theories accurately explained and applied? Are all the points supported by argumentation/evidence?

Sources:   Does the paper use all relevant course material? Are the outside sources academically appropriate? Are all claims and sources cited correctly? Are sources represented accurately? Is a complete bibliography or works cited page provided?

Detail:   Does the paper avoid vagueness? Are examples given where needed? Are the points and information provided specific?

Organization:   Is there a clear and detailed introduction with a thesis statement that explains what the paper will argue? Does the conclusion serve a purpose (implications for future research, policy suggestions, or summary of why your preferred theory is better, etc)? Is the paper proofread for errors? Is the information presented in an organized fashion?

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