USC Mass Media as Socializing Agent Discussion

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1. Introduce yourself and tell a little bit about who you are and where you come from. (1 point)

2. Tell a bit about what factors (race, ethnicity, religion, gender, Social class, education, family style,, etc.)  might contribute to your sociological lens or viewpoint about the world. How  do your experiences inform you about yourself and others? (Reveal information at your comfort level) (1 point)

3. Do you have a natural sociological perspective (look at the three sociological theories: functionalism, conflict theory, interactionism) something else? (1 point)

4. Where do you get information about the social topics you are interested in? (1 point)

5. Your reaction to the articles “Tea room Trade” and “How do you know a paper is legit?” (2 points)

6. Comment  thoughtfully on 3 other fellow students’ posts. (3 points)

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