University of West Alabama Homeland Security independent Agencies Questions

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I’m working on a political science multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is comprised of 21 independent agencies, each with its own unique mission. Answer the following:

• Define the concept of “homeland security” in your own terms and then support it with additional input from the experts.

• If you were asked by Congress to reorganize DHS, how would you do it? Please be very specific and justify exactly how and why you would make the changes you propose.

2. The current state of illegal immigration is posing both a security threat for our country and placing a strain on our resources. But the problem is much broader than simply people streaming across the southern border. Answer the following:

• Realistically, what can be done to “harden” both the southern and northern U.S. borders?

• What sorts of cutting-edge technology can be applied to assist Border Patrol and other agencies in stemming illegal crossings and drug smuggling, etc.?

• Where else should we be focusing our attention on when it comes to illegal immigration in this country and why? What threats are posed?

3. When you read the Capellan article and look at his graphic comparing Ideological and Non-ideological active shooter events, it should not surprise you that non-ideological active shooters greatly outnumber ideological ones. Which basically means sometimes people simply go on shooting rampages because they want to, it really is that simple. In the U.S. we always want to find a motive and often there just isn’t one, such is the case with the Las Vegas Harvest Festival shooter – they were never able to determine one. Answer the following:

• Define the concept of “active shooter” in your own terms and then support it with additional input from the experts.

• What are some of the characteristics of the typical person involved in an active shooter event?

• What can be done legislatively to prevent future mass shootings from happening again?

4. What do you feel is the biggest threat on U.S. soil today and why? (I will allow this answer to be opinion-based, just be sure to be thorough with your answer. Use proper citations if you are borrowing/referencing any material that is not yours).

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