University of Louisiana at Monroe Inclusion and Diversity Discussion and Responses

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 read the assigned articles.

For this discussion, provide three specific quotes from the ILLP report that demonstrate whether diversity and inclusion is gaining ground in the law profession.

After this, provide some comments to indicate how you think that this will likely impact the United States, both legally and politically in the future.


Forum Postby Gravelle Joe – Sunday, February 16, 2020, 10:38 AMNumber of replies: 0Diversity and inclusion are integral parts of the legal system. If we want to have a truly representative legal framework, it is necessary that all people are adequately represented within the legal structure. With this in mind we can examine three excerpts from one of our articles to determine whether or not diversity is on the rise in the legal realm. Moving first into female representation within the legal profession the article states the following. “women’s representation among in-house lawyers has increased. The Association of Corporate Counsel’s 2015 global census found that women make up 49.5% of all in-house lawyers, including both entry-level and senior positions.” (IILP, 2017 p.14) With this data it can be seen that from a purely statistical point of view the inclusion of women in this aspect of the legal field is on the rise. When examining the inclusion of different racial and ethnic backgrounds within the legal system, the article informs the reader that, “Progress for different groups varies. African American representation among lawyers has increased very little over the past ten years, from an average of 4.3% in 2003-05 to an average of 4.8% in 2013-2015. During the same period, Hispanic representation among lawyers increased from an average of 3.6% to an average of 5.3%, and Asian American representation among lawyers increased from an average of 2.6% to an average of 4.8%.) (IILP, 2017 p.14) This information is somewhat mixed compared to the progress that women have seen within the legal field. While inclusion across the board seems to be rising, it is not rising at an equal rate. Finally, the article can be examined to understand the circumstances in which LGBT individuals find themselves in within the legal world. “Law graduates identifying as LGB are less likely than most other groups to start off in private practice and more likely to start off in public interest jobs. In 2014, 15.9% of the 529 law graduates identifying as LGB took public interest jobs—the highest percentage of any demographic group.” (IILP, 2017 p.17)All of this data can be difficult to understand; however, I think that when someone takes a step back and looks at the bigger picture it becomes clearer what these numbers mean for the future of United States both politically and legally. While things may be progressing more slowly than we would have hoped, it is clear that both diversity and inclusion are slowly working their way into the legal system. This means that more people will be adequately represented as years go by and minority groups within the nation will gain political power that they have long since deserved.Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession. (2017). IILP review 2017: The state of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.


Forum #4by Hartzo Amber – Sunday, February 16, 2020, 11:05 AMNumber of replies: 03 quotes from the IILP:- The short answer is that we have accomplished a great deal over the last twenty years; but we have many miles to go before we can say we have reached our goal of creating a diverse legal profession with inclusive law firm, government, and corporate legal cultures. (IILP, 2017,P.88)- Minority law school enrollment continues to increase, but blacks and Latinos are underrepresented relative to their representation in the general population. Asians on the other hand, are overrepresented relative to their representation in the population. (IILP, 2017,P.88)- Fifteen years later, we know there have been many successes for the “business care” for diversity, but there has also been tension as some corporations have moved slowly. (IILP, 2017,P.89)The statistics are now what I was expecting. I beleive that if we can get the statistics up, that it will serve a more equal system. I also feel that it is going to take Law firms and Law schools to help promote diversity. Our government and society are made of different cultures ,therefore, every job should also be made up of different cultures. I believe that if Law Schools support the diversity and Law Firms support the diversity, that there will be a great amount of increase across the statistical data. Minority groups along with different groups of gender, do not want to go to school if they know it will be hard for them to obtain a job.Reference: Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession. (2017). IILP review 2017: The state of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.


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