University of Colorado Sports Media Ownership and Government Intervention Discussion

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As the title indicates, for this paper you will evaluate options for government intervention, activity, inactivity (deregulation), regulation, or other public policy with respect to your final project topic. Accordingly, your paper will likely inform, and may be used in part to address, the following requirement of the final project assignment.

  • In one segment, assess public policy or legal issues, laws or regulations, and/or government-related activities, that are relevant to your topic and research question/thesis. (Your Week 6 assignment may serve as a resource or first draft for this item.)

In your paper,

  • Identify a need or problem relating to your final project topic for which some form of government action may be considered, or may have already been adopted, as a solution. Also identify the need.
  • Identify alternatives for a government intervention or other action (or a specific lack of action) designed as a remedy for, or solution to, the issue or problem identified above.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the proposed or implemented government action toward achieving the desired outcome.
  • Describe the impacts, or likely impacts, of the government action on industry, firms, or other market players, identifying winners and losers if/when relevant.
  • Assess whether the specified government intervention serves or obstructs the public interest as you define the concept.
  • Assess whether and how more, less, or different action by government might better serve (or might have better served) the public interest or the interests of industry players than would the proposed government action.


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