UM Political Science Animal Rights Essay

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Answer the question: Why did the issue of animal rights proliferate into such a broad movement with many specific issues?

Make a political science argument about a social movement or social movements in general, write a minimum of eight pages to a maximum of ten pages, double spaced, and support your argument with evidence from at least one social movement.

Technical requirements:

  • 8-10 pages double spaced, not counting the bibliography
  • At least five sources, of which at least three must be scholarly (from a peer reviewed journal or university press)
  • Citations in author-year format in the text, plus a bibliography
  • Minimal errors

Structural requirements: your paper should have these five clearly labeled sections

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Argument
  • Case/Evidence
  • Conclusion

Content requirements:

  • Make a political science argument about social movements or a social movement
  • Support your argument with evidence from a social movement (this means identifying and familiarizing yourself with a social movement)
  • Go beyond what we did in class. If using a movement or argument that we addressed in class, take it further, go into much more detail, and make it your own.

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