UCSD Political Science Analyzing American Democracy Question

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Chapter 12:The United States Congress

Please read: Analyzing American Democracy pgs 422-467

Congress P1


Congress P2


Chapter 13:The Presidency

Please read: Analyzing American Democracy pgs 468-521

The Presidency P1


The Presidency P2


Chapter 15:The Judiciary

Please read: Analyzing American Democracy pgs 556-606.

The Federal Judiciary P1


The Federal Judiciary P2


This section, we completed our material. We ended by looking at the institutions of government. That is, Congress, the presidency, and the federal judiciary. If we have succeeded, you now know more about American government than a majority of the population. It is also important that you have a firmer appreciation for the process of government.

Finally, you should have solidified the habit of reading a good credible newspaper or two. You now realize how important it is to have a well educated and informed citizenry and you are a member of that citizenry. Your democracy needs you.

The purpose of this assignment continues to be: Why Politics Matters to Me.

Please write your concluding essay in which you demonstrate an understanding of the political realm and why it matters. It is an open-ended assignment. That is, you can take any approach that you want in answering the question: Why Politics Matters To Me. Be sure to include evidence that you recognize and comprehend the topics and issues presented in this section. Also, demonstrate that you follow and understand things happening around you.

To give you some structure your essay should be between one and two pages.


  • We are looking for quality of work not the number of words
  • Be self-reflective
  • Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the subject material
  • Look for interconnectedness
  • Be intellectually honest

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