UCSD Correlation Between Soviet Finnish and Russias Attack on Ukraine Discussion

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Can Austria’s attack on Serbia, the Soviet-Finnish War, and Russia’s attack on Ukraine be explained using the model of major-minor power wars?

 so besure that include the major-minor power wars information some of my note in heremajor power seek retribution that is the paybackrefused to concede or make maior confessionsAnd instead if willing to fightThey might revenge and makes the minor power country be weaken or destroy a minor power as the theory to refuse allying other nature of power adversaries with those country.If minor power choose war they will fight When minor power choose surrender major power will bargaining with what they want to get the maximum profit in those meeting.So minor power will choose war when they believe that they has the capacity to limit damage to a level below the cost of conceptions for the major power. That based on the population of their citizen that will they willing to protect their land Based on those population major power is hard to consolidate and hold its game. The key thing is the domestic commitment and not some other exogenousperformed variableMajor power is indifferent between war for an equivalent bargain. That is equal pay off to war.Because war is a rational choice for major power based on the minor power always lost and will bargaining with them for they surrender Those make the minor power reducing their sovereignty of power

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