UCLA Hugo the Great and the Might Makes Right Theory of War Essay

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This week will continue the theme of theories about war and “just” wars by reading about the grandfather of “Might Makes Right” theory, Hugo de Groot (a/k/a Hugo the Great).  The pdf below contains a chapter from The Internationalists: How a Radical Plan to Outlaw War Remade the Word, by Oona Hathaway and Scott Shapiro of Yale University.

Once you complete this article, please give some consideration to, do some research on and formulate an essay addressing the following:

1.  Who was Hugo the Great and what about the events of February 24, 1603 gave rise to his becoming the historical Grandfather of modern warfare? Please summarize the events and why Hugo was “hired” to write about them.  Please give some thought to the relationship Hugo had with Captain Van Heemskerck and The United Amsterdam Company, who hired him, and what influence those relationships had on his writings.

2.  What is “Might Makes Right” (MMR) theory of war in Hugo’s time? What role did property play?

3.  What was the earlier developed Just War Theory? And, how does that contrast with Might Makes Right? Specifically, what role does property play in either/both theories? 

4.  But, what about sovereign nations? How has the Might Make Right theory expressed itself in warfare between Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? And, has the U.S. ever used MMR to justify any of its military incursions? Please be specific.

5.  Finally, the chapter highlights this quote…. Hugo “showed the world how states could do business with one another without a universal sovereign who could police the system; they did not need world government to enforce their rights.  All they needed was war.”

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