Topic 1 – MIS in Florida MIS Radiology, Topic 2 – Business Processes in Florida MIS Radiology

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Case Study –Florida MIS Radiology

Florida MIS Radiology
Florida MIS Radiology is a large imaging department located in Tampa, Florida
providing diagnostic imaging services in two main sites. The care team consists
of three radiologists, four nurses, four technologists, and four administrative
specialists. Florida MIS Radiology has the following imaging capabilities: . Computerized tomography scans . Nuclear medicine . Magnetic resonance imaging .Ultrasound
 X-ray and mammography

Radiography and fluoroscopy
Florida MIS Radiology’s mission is “to advance the knowledge and practice of
diagnostic imaging by meeting the clinical needs of the patients we serve,” and
its vision is “to provide high-quality, patient-centric diagnostic imaging services to
patients in the region and expand our sites to better serve our community.”
Florida MIS Radiology’s leadership is considering investing in information
systems and it needs your assistance.

This week will address the following two topics:

Topic 1 – MIS in Florida MIS Radiology

Learning objectives:

. Explain and use terminology relevant to MIS in health care

One of the leaders of Florida MIS Radiology finds health MIS terminology
confusing and needs clarifications. She understands that an information system
consists of five components, but it is unclear to her how these components
interact or what each of these components does. She recently read an article
discussing the use of information systems in airline reservations (as the one
discussed in our textbook), and she would like to draw parallels.
Thus, for each of the five components, explain how health information systems
are similar to and differ from an airline reservation system. Give examples of
similarities and differences for each component. Justify your answers and cite
your sources. The minimum word count of the answer is 300, excluding
references. Your answer must be presented in an essay form; not as a list of
bullet points.

Topic 2 – Business Processes in Florida MIS Radiology

Learning objectives:

. Discuss business process modeling in health care

.Provide examples of how information systems can improve process
quality in health care

To understand Florida MIS Radiology’s business processes, you interviewed one
of the administrative specialists regarding a typical work day in the office. Below
are your notes:

“In most cases, the department receives examination orders from affiliated
hospitals. The examination orders include patient information, demographics,
date, and a description of the examination required.
The patient calls to make an appointment. Once the appointment is scheduled,
an administrative staff member sends the patient pre-registration forms to fill out
before the appointment.
When the patient arrives for the appointment, he/she completes the registration
forms. An administrative staff member verifies insurance information, patient
identification, and examination orders. A folder containing all patient information
collected is created for the specific patient and is stored in the records area of the
A nurse takes the patient in the examination area, where vital signs are collected.
The nurse verifies the examination orders and moves the patient to the
appropriate diagnostic area, where a technologist performs the test. For more
advanced tests, like MRI with contrast, the radiologist injects the patient with the
appropriate agent before the exam.
After completion of the exam, the images are printed and sent to the radiologits.for evaluation. The patient is released.
The radiologist evaluates the images and creates his/her report. An
administrative staff member stores the images and report in the patient’s folder
and sends copies to the ordering clinician in the affiliated hospital.”

For this topic:

1. Create a process diagram in swim lane format that depicts the process
described in the interview. Make sure to include all actors, activities, sub
processes, data repositories, decisions and data/control flows required.
You may create the graph using a software of your choosing (e.g. Word,
Visio,, etc.) or sketch it. and Attach

2. Provide 3 examples of how information systems can facilitate or improve
quality of the process described.

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