Social Work Advocacy Essay

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1. Using the worksheet and information on, find the rules and deadlines round
voting in your state Texas including:

a) Rules and deadlines for voter registration

Policies that apply to special populations such as those experiencing
homelessness, individuals with a felony conviction, survivors of
intimate partner violence, long-term care residents, Trans individuals,

c) How people vote in your state: hours, early voting, absentee voting

d) Voting rights and numbers

Look up the rules around voting with a felony in your state. How can we
educate social workers and communities to address the misinformation.

3. Find nonpartisan information on the candidates running for state or local office. Is information easy to find?

Develop your own social media plan to share voting resources and
information for you or your organization. 5. Using the worksheet on the
Voting Is Social Work, look up who represents you at every level of
government. Create a contact sheet with email addresses and phone
numbers for easy access.

6. Look up voter turnout statistics for
local and state elections for your town. What was the overall turnout
rate for your town in each of the elections? How does that compare to a
presidential year? Can you get your town/city’s voter turnout detail by
voting district? What does that tell you about political power there?
Why do you think there are variances? 7. Using the NASW Code of Ethics
and article The Role of Clinical Social Workers on Voter Engagement
Efforts, discuss how nonpartisan voter engagement connects to the
mission, services and impact of your agency.

Voting is Social Work: The National Social Work Voter Mobilization Campaign,

SEC-NL-83511.AgingNL.qxd (,

Know-your-elected-officials-Form-Humphreys-Institute.pdf (

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