SDSU Political Science Hannah Arendt and Adorno and Horkheimer Essay

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The paper must be between 1250-1500 words and it is due 02/24/2022. the prompt is “For this paper, you are required to draw a connection between the work of Hannah Arendt and the work of either: Max Weber or Adorno and Horkheimer. Find an idea or a theme where you think a productive connection can be made. It may be one where Arendt’s work can help develop an idea in Weber or Adorno and Horkheimer. Or it may be the other way around, where an insight from Weber or in Horkheimer and Adorno can help you develop an idea in Arendt. In your paper, identify the connection and develop it, and explain what added insight is gained from the connection you make. ” I have attached all the readings that were given. Not all readings need to be used. There are 3 more files that i was unable to attach now

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