Sanford Brown College Political Science and Human Security Discussion

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Some political thinkers and scholars have stated that people must have security in their daily lives. Without security, the world cannot be at peace. Your post should address the lessons that we have learned throughout this course, as well as your own individual perspective.

  • Do you think human beings have security in our lives? Why or why not? If not, how do you think government leaders may provide security for the people?
  • Do you feel you have hope for positive improvements throughout your life and your children’s life?
  • Lastly, how will this course change or impact your life as you seek to live in a complex world of comparative politics?



Human security means protecting fundamental freedoms – freedoms that are the essence of life. It means protecting people from critical (severe) and pervasive (widespread) threats and situations”. Human security integrates three freedoms: freedom from fear, freedom from want and the freedom from indignity. I believe human beings do have security because in 1994 the Human Development Report defined human security as people’s “safety from chronic threats and protection from sudden hurtful disruptions in the patterns of daily life. There were many types of security listed as components of human security which are economic security; food security; health security; environmental security, and more. I think the security could be more safer as I do worry about the safety of my two sons in the future. This course will help me to figure out the safety measurements that are needed in life.


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