PSC 1300 OSU Ethiopia & Comparative Advantage in Coffee Discussion

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Please watch the movie Black Gold and respond to the following prompt.  

Address one of the following two questions in one to two paragraphs (250-300 words).

Ethiopia is not enjoying economic benefits (to put it mildly) of its comparative advantage in coffee.  It is puzzling because there is a huge worldwide coffee demand, and strong states such as the US and the European Union (EU) member states are not coffee producers.  Theoretically, by specializing in and exporting the product it has a comparative advantage in, Ethiopia should be doing well. 

  • Why isn’t Ethiopia doing well, in other words, how would you diagnose the problem Ethiopia is having?
  • In your view, is Ethiopia’s problem a “first world” problem, a “third world” problem, or something else?

Response papers should not simply summarize the contents of the movie, and should engage with the themes and content in a thoughtful way as you answer the question.  

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