PSC 101 CSN News Stories in the US American Politics Discussion

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Please reply to the question and comment constructively on a classmates’ posting.


Who determines what news stories and content you will see? See alternative news sites…

Q: Who determines what news stories and content you will see? Alternatives? In any particular news organization, who determines what perspectives are taken on issues, events, and political-economic positions? Search out and view some alternative news (such as (Links to an external site.)…see The Big Picture with Thom Hartman), (Links to an external site.), or other alternative sources). How do some specific news alternatives compare to our “mainstream media” channels? Post any good news links, there are many. Work with each other.

Here is classmate’s posting from question. Please reply in 1st person point of view.

Classmate’s post

The decision of what you on the news is chosen by the producers of that specific broadcast station or even the assignment editor. From the article on News Coverage Index Methodology by Pew Research Center, the mainstream of daily news media in the U.S. is Network TV News, Newspapers, Online News Sites, Cable News, and Radio News. Network TV News is aired on channels like ABC, NBC, and CBS, they all average to around 27 million viewers. For newspapers, around 54 million people purchase newspapers each weekday. Newspapers that are by the New York Times and Washington Post are a greater source of national and international news agenda. Online News Sites average out to 30 million internet users for each news a day, while 6.8 million people read blogs each day. Lastly, for Radio, only 16% of listeners are tuned into stations for news, the other 94% is listeners for traditional radio.

Work Cited

News Coverage Index Methodology. 5 Mar. 2014,

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