PSC 101 CSN Americans Worship the Constitution & Its Democratic Standards Discussion

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Read chapter 10 “Varieties II: Constitutions” by Dahl and Discuss and respond to his points and arguments. Also, comment constructively on a classmates’ posting.

(I will attach Chapter 10 by Dahl)

Here is classmate’s posting from question. Please reply in 1st person point of view.

Classmate’s post

Robert Dahl discusses in chapter 10 the differences in constitutions from one democracy to another. This is where the differences between democratic countries really stand out. Most do have a constitution but some do not have a bill of rights. There are also differences in if the federal government or if the state/province/region hold their own power. There are differences in how many chambers there are in government. The judicial process of determining if laws are constitutional or not also varies between democracies. The system of parliament or president is another big difference between the US and Great Brittan. Dahl explains how these factors impact each democracy and how it functions.

Dahl gives us a very good background on how a constitution helps navigate the intricacies of the law and how the law should be interpreted to affect the people. This background can help us understand why the constitution is so important to our national identity. The constitution to many represents stability. I think at the end of the chapter when Dahl says “if underlying conditions are highly favorable” any constitution will do, but “if underlying conditions are highly unfavorable, no constitution will save democracy”.(p128, Dahl) This is chilling because maybe our constitution doesn’t represent stability. Our constitution may only be as strong as our society. If that is the case, as our society becomes weakened by division, maybe our constitution can not save our democracy.

Work Cited

“Chapter 10 Varieties II.” On Democracy, by Robert A. Dahl, Yale Nota Bene, 2000.

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