POLSCI 21A East Los Angeles College W2 Government Response to Covid 19 Discussion “

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Student 1: If you could make a recommendation to help the national and state governments coordinate their responses to Coronavirus, what would it be? Why would this be an important recommendation?

I would recommend that the state governments let the national governments call the shots and take over. This is a clear pandemic that has affected many countries on earth. The country needs to take care of itself and figure out how to deal with this situation as a whole. Leaving each state government govern its own states the way they please only causes divide in the country. It is called the “United” States, not the “Independent” States. When something affects this entire country as a whole, it becomes a matter of national emergency. We should not fight this separately in whichever way we think is right. We need a leader who can take control and lead. We need a group of leading scientists and experts whom we can follow. And we need to look at other countries to see how they are tackling the problem to see if their methods are working or not, just to see if we can learn a thing or two. With a nation divided such as this one, I am surprised how all fifty states are still together. Matters that affect the entire nation as a whole, like the coronavirus, should be dealt by the national government. I think the way we are going about this pandemic is completely wrong and not efficient. Each state has its own rules and regulations that it does not feel like a united country. It feels like you are entering a completely different country each time you visit a different state. I recommend that the national government should try to see this virus in a different perspective, look at other countries such as New Zealand and Sweden, countries that are implementing successful regulations that work and have dwindled down their cases of coronavirus to almost zero, and learning a few things from them. Then, they should treat the United States as a country, because it is, instead of different entities, and go about figuring out a strategic plan to tackle this issue as a whole. Moreover, I highly recommend that the national government should start intervening in state governments more often because if they did not, then the states will become more and more independent, and we will soon see states seceding. Once the first state secedes, which I predict will be California, then others will soon follow. And by that time, the state governments will be so powerful, because they have gotten used to the national government not intervening much, that the national government will be powerless and not be able to do anything to the seceding state. Then, slowly but surely, the United States will dissolve, leaving an opening to any nation, *cough Russia*, to attack us when we are divided and trying to figure out our internal affairs. That is why I highly recommend the national government to start intervening in states more and to make sure that the United States will remain a united and strong country in the world. During this coronavirus epidemic, this is an easy opportunity for the national government to take control and lead us as one unified country. 

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