POLS 302 ARC Achievements and Costs of Afghanistan Conflict to US Essay

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The purpose of this project is to demonstrate your ability to identify and examine a current political problem or challenge within one specific country or focused set of select counties, develop a research question, identify and use a variety of appropriate resources to gather information, engage in critical analysis, and present a clear and focused argument based on key concepts and theories and supported by evidence.

The complete project consists of a progressive set of assignments that include an annotated bibliography, a written proposal, a persuasive research-based paper, and an academic poster presentation.

For a full description and instructions, review the Problem-Solution Project: Description page.

Supporting resources from ARC’s Library:


What to Do

Submit a 250 word (one page) proposal that

  • states your research question
  • identifies the specific country or focused set of countries (the primary case or cases) and the problem you will address
  • describes your initial beliefs about the nature or cause of the problem (and, potentially, possible solutions)
  • identifies additional evidence and types of sources you will need to complete further research and develop an argument in support of a solution.

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