POLS 200 Political Science Essay Questions

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PART I –  answer of the following

1. According to Haass, what is an “alliance,” and how does it differ from other types of international relationships?

2. According to Haass, what is the difference between a preventive war and a pre-emptive strike or war?

3. Why does John Mueller believe that “War Is On the Rocks?”

4. What is Joseph Nye’s main argument in his article, “What Could Cause a US-China War?”

5. In his article “The Case for Cyber-Realism,” what does Alperovitch mean when he says that “Cyberattacks are a symptom, not a disease?”

6. Erica Gaston argues that economic sanctions are not very effective. Why?

7. According to the World 101 module on nonproliferation, why did South Africa end its nuclear weapons program?

8. According to the data presented in the Power Point slides, what distinguishes terrorist attacks in “the West” from terrorism in the rest of the world?

PART II. Please answer TWO (and only two) of the following questions 

1. In his discussion about the persistence of interstate war, Haass argues that “the motives that have led rulers and peoples to undertake wars have not disappeared.” (p. 287). Using Haass and the articles by Erlanger and Walt, discuss some of the motives or factors that might explain the current war in Ukraine.

2. a) Why is nuclear proliferation is usually seen as dangerous to the world?

b) What are the main provisions of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT)?

c) How do the cases of North Korea and Iran illustrate some of the difficulties that the International community has faced in preventing nuclear proliferation?

3. a) What are some of the causes of fragility and wars within states?

b) How have U.N. peacekeeping efforts tried to manage or stop intrastate conflicts? How does Carpenter think that the UN should change its approach to civil wars?

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