POLS 127 University of California The End of the Cold War Discussion

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The end of the Cold War witnessed the rise of a number of new security issues (such as global health and environmental degradation) and actors (terrorist groups, MNCs and civil actors) that threaten the American order. Will the temptations of leadership lead to unnecessary adventurism?  Or will isolationism once again encourage the United States to withdraw from the world?  What does the future of American foreign policy look like?

For the final paper, I want you to write a position paper that outlines and analyzes a challenge facing the United States.  Position papers are the lifeblood of foreign policy; relatively short, concise memos that advocate a particular foreign policy.  The paper should not only cover the specific issues involved, but also provide a plan for how American leaders should respond.  A successful paper describes the issue and its importance for American foreign policy; explains a solution that can solve this problem; and then analyzes the different societal, governmental, and systemic factors that impact American foreign policy as it applies to your solution.  Be sure to include the different actors of American foreign policy that hinder or help your recommendation.  The use of drones in fighting non-traditional enemies?  Absolutely.  Environmental scarcity and its impact on American Grand Strategy?  Sure thing.  The rise of China and the disagreements over territory in the South China Sea?  Lovely.  The impact of K-Pop on American music?  That’s fan- …. No, don’t do that one.  Any topic that relates to American foreign policy is acceptable.

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