POLS 1101 CSU American Government How A Bill Becomes A Law Paper

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Use the information provided in your textbook on the Congress,  relevant Internet websites and these two congressional websites to  respond to the discussion question below.

How a Bill Becomes a Law may appear to be a fairly straightforward  and not all that complex a process if you simply review a typical  diagram provided in most textbooks. Despite this straightforward  process, many political commentators argue that gridlock – or the  inability of Congress to pass meaningful and necessary legislation –  dominates the current congressional era. What are the causes and  consequences of congressional gridlock?


(1) Develop a brief diagram or bullet list for the House of  Representatives and one for the Senate showing how a bill may become a  law, and

(2) In brief paragraphs, identify and explain the causes for  congressional gridlock (for example, political polarization,  gerrymandering, etc.). What type of reform would you propose to the  legislative process to break the gridlock?

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