Political Science Law Worksheet

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I’m working on a political science test / quiz prep and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

1. What are some examples of natural law in our legal system or system of governance?

2 .Is it more important for you to follow the letter of the law or to follow the spirit of the law? In what

circumstance would you believe the opposite to be true?  

3 Can you think of any examples of law in which the threat of force or power is not


4.Do you believe that morals are a part of our law, or do you believe that morality and law

are separate concepts?

5. Identify an action that would violate social norms but would not violate any laws. Can

you identify any violations of law that would not violate any social norms?

6. What are three specific powers of Congress? What are three specific powers of the

executive branch? Do you think that the powers of the judicial branch are well defined?

Why or why not?

7. What areas of law have been reserved to the states to regulate? How do you know?

8 .Identify a bill in either the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate. What stage(s) of

the bill process has it passed through? To be passed into law, what stages must it still pass


9. What problems would exist without a rule of law?

10. How does the rule of law affect business?

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