Political Science Community Setting and Relationship Question

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I. Describe what you understand by “Power”.

II. Explain what “social stratification” consists of and briefly develop the “systems of social stratification”


Min 1200 words. Max. 1800 words

Times New Roman 12 and 1.5 spacing

APA v7 referencing


Question 1:

– Understanding that “Power” is, generically, “all the set of means capable of coercing others into a certain behavior”.

– Understand the difference between social power and political power.

Question 2

– Understand that in order to describe the inequalities between significant sets of individuals in a society, we speak of social stratification.

− Identify each of the social stratification systems: slavery, castes, orders and classes.

− Characterize slavery, castes and orders

− Understand how classes differ from other systems of social stratification (page 190).

− Identify the normal division of classes (upper class, class lower and middle class), as well as their subdivisions.

− Refer to Marx’s theoretical contribution

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