POLI 4305 Central Texas College Planning Political Regimes Memo

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Memos  1-2 page (about 400-500 words) essay summarizing the arguments made by the day’s
readings.  By their nature, these memos shouldn’t require outside research.

oThe essay (aka memo)should contain, for each reading, a description of its author’s dependent variable, independent variables, and type of evidence, as follows: 

?Be sure that you understand each author’s dependent variable (e.g. policy, growth,

institutional change, social mobilization, violence, etc) – that is, what they are trying to
describe, predict, or evaluate.  All of our authors – even the ones that merely review the
state of the field in some area — have arguments to make.

? Specify each author’s explanation(s) (independent variables) for changes in the values
assumed by his or her dependent variable(s).
? Specify the evidence/argument the author produces in favor of the explanation.

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