POL 134D Causes of Democratic Collapse Across Latin America Discussion

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n our first lecture, we discussed the causes of democratic collapse across Latin America. In the second lecture, we examined the sequence of events that led to the coup d’erat in 1973 in Chile.

In the documentary, the Battle of Chile, and in the additional readings, we get a glimpse of Chilean society during the Allende administration. In the first film, we see the run-up to the midterm election of 1972. In the second (Part III), we see the extreme mobilization of society and the growth of class consciousness for urban and rural workers.

For our first discussion, find a section from the Battle of Chile, Part I or Part III that you find especially striking or important. This could be a moment that directly speaks to the question of why Chilean Democracy collapsed, or it could be some other moment that you found especially important.

In a discussion post, report which film (Part I or Part III), note the time (start / end) of the clip, and post this along with an explanation of what happens and a  comment about why this moment is important.

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