Please use the attached excel spread sheet and documet to answer the questions in bold.

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Fancy Millwork has a factory that produces custom kitchen cabinets. It has multiple product lines.

Materials and labor for the cabinets are determined by each job. To simplify the assignment, we will assume the following average costs.

The company estimates that it will have 32,000 direct labor hours in total for the kitchen cabinets.

The materials include $2,000 for the wood and other materials on a per job basis. It requires 40 hours of labor on average for a custom kitchen. The hourly rate is $10. The sales price will be set at a markup of 80%.

It assumes 800 units are sold on average per year. A breakdown of estimated yearly costs related to the kitchen cabinets follows. Please note that the amounts are per year unless identified otherwise: Salaries- office & administrative

$ 400,000

Salaries for factory supervisors and janitors

$ 200,000

Office Rent

$ 90,000

Factory Rent

$ 80,000

Office Utilities and Misc office expenses(based on units sold)

$ 20,000

SalesTravel(based on units sold)

$ 24,000

Insurance – office

$ 14,000

Depreciation – office equipment

$ 45,000

Depreciation for factory equipment

$ 70,000


$ 15,000

Sales commissions(based on units sold)

$ 50,000

Factory Property taxes

$ 10,000

Maintenance for factory equipment

$ 80,000

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