PAD 4204 University of Central Florida Climate Risk Management Discussion

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Discussion based on the academic article, “Climate risk management and the electricity sector”

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The previous slides and assigned readings pertain primarily to basic risks that can befall an organization. If left unchecked – or if an agency neglects to prepare and/or mitigate – they can certainly take a toll.

The following, however, addresses risk on a macro level. While the topic – climate change – is a hot button topic we’ve dealt with over many years, this exercise asks you to look at how you might deal with it, were you to serve in an affected agency or a potentially affected jurisdiction.

Read this article that addresses “risk focus”, meaning organizations collaborate across sectors to identify threats and impacts as it pertains to climate change. Without delving into a political discussion (i.e. Does climate change exist? Is it man-made? Is it a hoax? etc.) you should post your comments as they pertain to a public administration perspective. Specifically, what challenges are public agencies face with as they work to prepare for potentially adverse environmental impacts? Identify any innovative approaches to the problem.

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