PAD 3733 UCF You Have Done a Great Job in The Research Paper Discussion Responses

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At this point, you should have completed the following steps toward writing your academic paper:

  • Identified your purpose, audience, and subject
  • Identified your research questions
  • Selected the resources you will use in your paper
  • Started brainstorming your ideas

For this discussion assignment, you will now use this information to:

  1. Create a first draft of your academic paper; get you drafting
  2. Conduct a peer review and provide feedback to other students in your discussion group

Each of these steps will be completed over a two week period.

As practitioners in the public sector, you will be required at times to review documents and provide feedback/recommend changes. Additionally, there are times when you will have to take recommendations from colleagues to update documents you have created. The purpose of this assignment is give you the opportunity to review the work of your peers and make recommendations; it is also an opportunity to demonstrate how you take feedback from your peers and incorporate it into your work.

Do ThisWhat’s Due for this Assignment:

For this discussion, I have divided you up into groups and uploaded each of your papers to the discussion. Here is what I want you to do:

Mindy Page.docx 

Megan Peterson.docx

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