Organisational culture

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Task description & requirements

Preliminary preparation:

1. Select any company preferably involved in the Transport and Logistics industry, preferably your own organisation or one you are familiar with upon which to base your answer. As the nature of the information may be industry sensitive you can be assured of our care to maintain confidentiality.

2. You must clearly identify the company, providing the full and real name of the organisation in your answer.

3. Provide a brief description of the company, the nature of the business and the approximate number of persons employed by the company. Include an organisational chart if available (please do not spend time reproducing the chart – a scanned copy or one from the website included as an Appendix is acceptable). This section should not be calculated in your word count as it provides the assessor with background information.

Assignment question:

Develop a thorough profile of the culture of your selected organisation including the following:

1. A discussion of the overall organisational culture including any ethical and/or attitude to social responsibility issues. In your discussion, identify and explain any areas that have a subculture distinctive from the rest of the organisation.

[7 Marks]

2. Discuss the impact of the organisational culture on overall functioning of the organisation with particular reference to its decision-making processes and performance.

[10 Marks]

3. Comment on the relationship between culture and strategic management within the organisation, including the appropriateness of the existing organisation’s structure.

[8 Marks]

Required (supporting your response/answer):

Throughout your answer use examples, either real or hypothetical to illustrate your understanding. If you are or have been employed in a suitable organisation, you are encouraged to use your work situation where appropriate to explain the ideas. Primary resources and readings provided in the study guide or ones you have independently sourced must be accessed to support your position.

Length: 2200 words ± 10%

Harvard referencing

at least 15 references

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