INR 4075 University of Central Florida Human Rights Policy Discussion

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1) Explain what types of trade off strategies/policies states implement regarding human rights during the economic development process, giving a country and a human right violation in that country as example for each strategy (for each strategy, show one country and one human right violation in that country (these examples should be different from the course material).

2) Explain what political repression means identifying 3 different political rights that are violated during political repression. Under what conditions and why political repression is likely to occur? Explain 2 political reasons and 2 economic reasons of political repression by giving examples.

3) Discuss why migration creates human rights concerns at global level. In your answer identify 3 types of human rights violations that occur related with migration around the world by giving examples. What are some policies that can solve these migration related human rights problems?

4) Explain in what type of societies and under what type of political conditions ethnic conflict is likely to arise (emerge) giving an example. What are some institutional and political arrangements that can bring solutions to ethnic conflict or end it? Give a country example where they achieved a solution to ethnic conflict problems.

Relevant Material for this exam:

Slides in Module 3 and Module 4

Donnelly: Chapters 11, 12, 13

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