Individual Liberty vs Social Stability Discussion and Response

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Individual Liberty Advocates:

  • Feared repetition of what the British Parliament did to the colonists
  • Expected government to guarantee the rights of life, liberty & property

Social Stability Advocates:

  • it was more important for the national government to maintain order,
  • Maintaining order might require the government to limit personal liberty at times.

All Americans, however, desired that the government not intrude upon people’s rights to life, liberty, and property without reason.

Discussion Questions:

  • Which is more important: the good of the public or the rights of the individual? why?
  • To what extent can a state legitimately restrict the liberties of its citizens in order to serve the common good?
  • How can the balancing of rights and public safety be achieved?

Choose at least one question to respond to and provide your opinion and reasoning. Then respond to two of your classmates.

2 points 1 point
The student answers at least one question and responds to two classmates.

The student does not respond to any question.


The student responds to at least one question but not to any other students.

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