GVPT 408 UMGC Targeted Killings Counterterrorism Strategy Discussion

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Topic Selection / Statement of the Problem – due June 27th,2022

Please indicate in 1-2 paragraphs which problem you will be studying for this research project. As you are doing the survey, please relate the topic to Counterterrorism, foreign or domestic. The same is true if you are doing a content analysis paper. This may change as you move forward, but it will be your general road map.

Annotated Bibliography – due July 6th,2022

Please write an annotated bibliography of the sources you will use to support your thesis. Provide a list and brief description of at least 5 sources that you have identified for the paper. Two of these must be a primary source document and two must be an academic journal article. 1 paragraphs each.

Paper – due last day of deadline

The paper must include at least four full pages of content, doubles spaced, excluding the title page and references page, which must also be included. APA format

This will be a survey in which you will select a topic related to counterterrorism. The final paper must follow the scientific method. The steps of the scientific method which you are to follow:

1. Statement of the Problem.

2. Review of the Literature.

3. Hypothesis.

4. Method.

5. Findings.

6. Conclusion.

Or you may select a content analysis approach; Or you may use another method of data collection and analysis, but it must be approved by the instructor ahead of time.

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