GVPT 280 University of Maryland Democracy in Botswana Research Paper

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Research Paper

The process of democratization brings about both support and resistance. To begin, read the following articles:

One independent reference for a sense of country populations is as follows. 

About World Population Review

Democracy Countries 2022



The CIA World Facebook is a good source for country data:


Additional references may be provided and entertained with the approval of the course instructor.


For the research choose a country currently in the process of democratization and address the following in the context of the last ten years:

  • Describe      measures taken by political leaders in your chosen country to democratize      its political process.
  • Describe      the ways in which the country’s political leaders have resisted      democratization.
  • Analyze the progress of your      chosen country based on criteria by Dahl or Diamond noted in the above      articles.

Country Selection, Initial Sources (6 sources, no write-up required) – due 28 June 

Thesis and research questions – due – 30 June 

Full Sentence Outline – due – last day of the deadline 

Your thesis statement must be at the top of your outline. 

In composing and supporting arguments (main points) for the paper, at least three sources should be from peer-reviewed journals from an electronic database (such as Academic Search Complete or JSTOR).  

No Wikipedia. No dictionaries or encyclopedias. Sources should be from academic sites (.edu), including journals, working papers (.gov), and books/textbooks. Commercial Internet sites should be used sparingly and for data only.

Paper – due – last day of the deadline

Your research paper should be 6 pages (double spaced), with approximately 6 outside sources. The articles listed in this assignment do not count toward the required 6 outside sources.

**********************************************************************************************************************************************This is not part of the above assignment but is related. Set the price for both included. *

Analytical Essay – due 10 JULY

The Analytical Essay for this class is intended to relate to the Country Selection you choose to research and write about for your research paper. As such, you can compare different governments to the country’s regime on which you choose to write your research paper. However, the essay assignment is broader. You may view the essay assignment as an opportunity to jumpstart the paper and review literature related to their country selection and democratization.

The analytical essay should be 4 pages, double-spaced, in a 12-point font. Use APA format. There is no requirement regarding the number of sources you use for the essay. Just cite the sources that support your essay, which can be focused exclusively or largely on the College Board Briefing Paper if you wish.

Link to college board briefing – Microsoft Word – FINAL Democratization Paper.ae.SL.mh.doc (collegeboard.org)

The additional source you can use – Countries and Territories | Freedom House

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