Grand Canyon University Christian Perspective Discussion Questions

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Why is it important for you as a ministry leader to strike a biblical balance and cast a vision for caring for your congregation within the local church and for caring for your community outside of the local church? Include passages of Scripture to provide a biblical basis for supporting your thoughts. (150 words)

Access and review the “GCU Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work” document. GCU believes that the work of the Christian is to help restore brokenness in the community as well as in the family. How might a mental health worker with the Christian worldview approach working with a family in this country illegally? Explain what your state’s laws are regarding undocumented persons attending school, jobs, etc. Discuss the laws: Are you in agreement with them? Why or why not? Explain if working with persons who are in this country illegally would go against your ethics or not. (150 words)

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