GOVT 2306 HCCS Unit 2 Leadership Concept Political Science Discussion

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1) You choose a concept and post an original thread which thoroughly explains the concept in a way that others can understand the ideas you are laying out.

2) You must respond to 2 other posts from other students on different topics than the one that you used in your post. Your responses must always be respectful. The goal of your response is to restate the things you thought were most important from the concept they discussed and to elaborate on anything that might have been missed (if anything) in their explanation or that you felt was particularly relevant to the concept.
Choose 1 option below:

Option 1: Political Parties Describe how people develop their political values and the differences in liberal and conservative ideologies as well as the causes and effects of partisan polarization in our society. Explain the functions of political parties in our system as well as their permanent and temporary structures and their functions. Answer the question about the challenges that the Republican Party faces in its future in the changes in society as well as from within. Include a brief evaluation of how Texas became a Republican state. Conclude your discussion with a discussion about why we have a two party system in Texas and the United States and the formal and informal factors that prevent third parties from achieving any meaningful success.

Option 2: Elections and Campaigns Describe the various types of elections that occur in Texas and when they occur and the requirements for someone who wants to run as an independent. Explain what kinds of restrictions have been placed on voting in Texas and how they were removed (early registration, white primary, poll tax, jaybird party, literacy test, etc.). Discuss the factors that contribute to low voter turnout in Texas and how we compare to other states as well as efforts that have been made to increase voter turnout and their effects. What are the qualifications to vote in Texas and the US and how have federal requirements changed over time? Detail the difference in turnout in presidential, midterm, and amendment elections in Texas. Describe the factors that increase or decrease the likelihood that someone will vote and identify which factor is most useful in determining if someone will vote. Finally, end your discussion with an explanation of the reapportionment and redistricting process, the impact of incumbency advantage, how a challenger can overcome that advantage, and the effect the Voting Rights Act had on redistricting and the lasting effect of Shelby County v. Holder.

Option 3: Interest Groups Describe how interest groups and political parties differ in how they seek to influence government. Explain the tools of lobbying, electioneering, litigation, and going public and how interest groups use them to achieve their goals and which group has been the most successful in using litigation as well as the factors that led them to choose that tool above others. Identify which groups are most and least powerful in Texas politics. Detail the various types of interest groups that exist with examples of each and what their goals are. What was the influence of the 8F crowd in Texas politics? Explain what the free rider problem is and how interest groups seek to overcome it as well as why individuals join interest groups and which groups are well represented and underrepresented by groups. Explain the various tools groups have in PACs, SuperPACs, 527 Groups, GOTV efforts, bundling, and the concept of the revolving door in hiring lobbyists. Finally, end your discussion with a brief mention about the problems of interest group capture and corruption.

P/s : Finish part 1 and then I will show you others’ answer so that you can respond 2 post about 2 or 3 sentences.

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