Exhibition Critique

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(This Assignment folder is linked to Turnitin.)

Exhibition Critique Guidelines

To complete the Exhibition Critique, you will need to take a trip to a museum (either physically or virtually). After you tour the museum, consider the works on view, the organization, the curatorial concerns of exhibition, and write a critique.

Your Exhibition Critique should be created keeping the following elements of thought in mind. This assignment will assess your demonstration of critical thinking and the SLU core values, specifically respect and community, within your Exhibition Critique per the guidelines discussed in previous lectures and in-class activities.

The paper will be 2-4 pages in length, with at least 3 outside resources, using MLA format.

After writing your first draft, use this rubric as a tool to self-assess. Please be sure that your final draft reflects each of the following critical thinking standards before submitting it to the assignment folder.

Purpose- Clearly identifies main issue(s), problem(s), or intention(s) of the curator of the exhibition.

Perspective- Investigates point(s) of view of the curator and their assumptions.

Evidence- Supports critique with relevant and sufficient evidence, as well as defining concepts, including titles of specific pieces.

Analysis Analyzes the consequences and implications of the curator’s intent and set-up of exhibition. What is the curator prompting the viewer to “do” or feel?

Core Values- Addresses core value(s) specifically and connects it/them to the theme or specific pieces within the exhibition.

Decision Making-Identifies the choices made by the curator in relation to effectively communicating to the viewers of this exhibition. Would change (or not) anything regarding the collection. Give examples/specifics either way.

Organization– Writes in a manner that is highly effective and connected from the introduction to the conclusion. Ideas, thoughts and concepts are uniquely expressed and connected.

Conventions– Demonstrates clear understanding of grammar and MLA format.

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