Eastern Kentucky University Interest Groups Discussion

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Discussion: Interest Groups

How do colleges, universities, and student governments on campus get around the free rider problem? One key way is creating required student fees for many campus services. Student activity fees, technology fees, and other compulsory fees ensure that no one can free ride. The fees can be charged to everyone who registers for courses, or they can be charged to those who use them. Which approach is fairer? Which is likely to lead to better facilities? Which approach do you favor? Why?

In an initial post, share your perspective on the above. When responding to classmates, please fully express your position on the topic with scenario-based examples and in comparison to your classmate’s position. Be sure to respond to at least two of your classmates’ post in the discussion.


This is a discussion board assignments so when you finish the post, I will send you a post of two students to respond to.

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