Dreamland The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic Reflective Journal

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Text Book

Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic; Sam Quinones

from PART 2:”The Final Convenience” to PART 3“A Parent’s Soul Pain” 

Video Lectures

Surgeon general’s report calls for response to addiction crisis | PBS NewsHour?https://youtu.be/9kuibZtt5ww

Dr. Volkow, The addicted brain, Ted Talk https://youtu.be/Mnd2-al4LCU

Fighting Opioid Addiction: As long as it takes  | Julia Picetti | https://youtu.be/vScH_2loKJM

Ending the Epidemic: Part 5- The President’s Plan https://youtu.be/cUTtir57HM8


part 1 Discussion


By the mid-week deadline based on your readings and the video lectures answer each of the questions/prompts below with 2 paragraphs using concepts from the text or your own research (be sure to cite correctly).


  • Based on the course materials for this week discuss the morphine molecule’s effect on the brain.
  • What were three take-aways you got from Surgeon General Murthy’s discussion that reflect a benefit to society through cost savings if we invest in prevention and intervention? Explain.

part 2 Journal Entry 


The Reflective Journal is an assessment of your understanding of assigned readings, course lectures, and videos. It is also a means in which you demonstrate how you will apply your readings and observations in your day to day to life.

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