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The media have always played a significant role in American politics. In the 1800s and earlier, however, news traveled slowly, and politics was controlled by small groups whose members communicated personally. The high-speed rotary press and the telegraph led to self-supported newspapers and mass readership.

Broadcast media (television and radio) have been important means of communication since the early twentieth century. New technologies, such as the internet, social networking sites, blogs, and podcasts, offer news organizations more platforms for reaching the public. The public also has direct access to these platforms.

The media exert considerable influence during political campaigns and over the affairs of government and government officials by focusing attention on political actors. Today’s political campaigns use political advertising, expert management of news coverage, and social media. For presidential candidates, how they appear in presidential debates is of major importance.

Today’s campaigns rely much more heavily on the internet to reach potential voters and donors. Candidates and their organizations use e-mail, podcasting, websites, blogs, and downloadable video and audio to involve people in campaigns. The use of these techniques does rely heavily on self-selection by the user, but the techniques are cheap and effective and may work to get the user to feel an attachment to the candidate or public official.

6-10 sentences or more

Mass media, as we understand it today, did not develop until the advent of radio during the 1920s. The election of 1920 was the first to have its results broadcast by radio. By the 1930s people could tune in to regularly scheduled radio newscasts, guaranteeing that millions of people could share in news and events at the same time.  What are some current ways that Americans obtain their news?  What are your top three ways you receive your news?

Change.org: Internet Activism With Impact.  The textbook in the Politics in Practices discusses Change.org. Read the paragraphs regarding this topic.  Change.org estimates that more than 25 million people have signed a petition that has led to a victory. Critics have labeled this “clicktivism” or “slacktivism” since the degree of involvement is modest. With more than 30,000 campaigns launched monthly, is it too much to keep up with to be effective? Why or why not?

The Mid-Term Elections will be on November 8, 2022 and the polling has been off the charts: one day the Republicans are the preferred choice, the next day, it is the Democrats.  There are three to four issues that the media is projecting as the most important issues for voters.  First, what are these three to four issues?  Second, define the media’s political functions: Agenda Setting, Priming, Framing? Third, which political function is the media practicing when they “tell” us what the most important issues for the Mid-Term Election are?

  1. chapter5-  (250 words)Define Minority and Majority Group and give examples. Define Ethnic group and give examples.   2. Describe what is meant by “Ethnic Switching”.  Describe how ethnic switching has impacted the census count among Native Americans.

ch.8 250-word response for each question.

In your own words describe Urban Ecology and/or Human Ecology.

Describe the impact of urban ecology on violence in communities as discussed in your text. Feel free to provide real world examples of how you may have observed this personally or in the news media.

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