Current Events Journal 3: Microbial Disease

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As you watch television, scroll through social media sites, listen to your friends and family, read blogs and the news, you’re probably exposed to different stories about microbiology.  Now, more than ever, you will likely hear about viruses, bacteria, or other microbes as topics of discussion.   This week I specifically want you to watch for topics on microbial disease.

Write a couple of paragraphs about one of these topics that you encounter: 

  • Please use your own words. This journal is to discuss your learning, opinions, and things that you maybe would have missed or not understood without this class.
  • Absolutely do NOT just post an article you find or a summary of an article. If your journal is ABOUT an article, you can include a brief summary (and a reference), but most of the content should be your feelings and thoughts
  • This topic must be specifically about the microbial disease
  • The topic must include some sort of research, or study, or new finding.  
  • If this was a discussion, tell a little about what you contributed to the topic.
  • State what you have learned in class that made this topic stand out to you.
  • If you have any questions that arose from this topic, include them and I will answer them.
  • Journals will be private, but if your topic is interesting I will discuss it with the class, but any information will be anonymous. If you do not wish your topic to be shared (such as a conversation you had with your family at dinner) please indicate that and it will remain private

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