CU The Intervention in Libya on Security and Human Development Essay

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I’m applying for a phd in developmental studies and I’d like to a write proposal on the topic stated above “The intervention in Libya and it’s impact on security and human development within the Sahel States”. The phd application is at London school of economics and the competition is really tough and as such I need a really solid proposal. I will like to talk about the intervention in Libya and the impact it has had on state security and human development within these Sahel states(countries).. implications such as what we increase in terror activities, migration, counter/insurgency efforts of Sahel states, economic impact and then recommendations.

Program Structure

The program addresses key development challenges from a richer disciplinary perspective including: theories of development and modernity, development policy and policies, sustainability transitions and a focus on urban-rural development. The program places the idea of 21st century development against the backdrop of the Anthropocene (the time when human beings reach the capacity to affect their planet), and consequently a series of crises and challenges that require a fundamental questioning of the paradigm of infinite growth and the exploration of innovative paths to development.

So, here is the structure of the program. That’s what’s required but here the complicity is that it would be a mixture of political science(security,terrorism,insecurity,coup) and developmental studies(human security, development index) and all.

what I’m trying to do here is to establish how post Libyan intervention has totally destabilized that region and opened up that Sahel corridor to issues like terrorism, insecurity, mass migration(as seen few years ago) and this in turn has had huge impacts on aspects such as human development within this Sahel states due to the insecurity this has caused. Also, we can see the rise in coup d’etat’s within Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad(not literally) and the banditry in Northern Nigeria which can all be linked to the Libyan intervention and the vacuum it created afterwards because regardless of how bad Gaddafi was, he held down that corridor.

now I want to do something solid- how the insecurity created by this intervention has affected greater and contributed to human development issues experienced by this Sahel countries and along their border states. For instance the govt of Burkina Faso was toppled and one of the reasons the soldiers gave was high level of terror attacks within the country.

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