CSUN Political Science Which Voting System Should the US Adopt Discussion

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Majoritarian Voting

is a system in which candidates have to receive a majority of the votes to be elected, although in some cases only a plurality is required in the last round of counting if no candidate can achieve a majority.

If no candidate wins a majority in the first round of voting, a run-off election is held among the top contenders. Some states conduct their primary elections within the two major political parties in this way.

Proportional Representation

an electoral system in which parties gain seats in proportion to the number of votes cast for them.

As a result, any given election can have multiple winners, and voters who might prefer a smaller party over a major one have a chance to be represented in government.

Debate: Should the US change its electoral rules?

2 Peer:

Thank you for your help.? ? Please respond to two classmates in a few words.1- I believe the US should adopt proportional representation. This way there would be a balance in the representation. The text states that a low vote turnout sometimes occurs in instances where the population heavily leans towards one side therefore those that lean towards the other side feel discouraged from voting because they know it won’t make a difference if they do. The proportional representation would likely cause more people to vote while keeping them hopeful and content that their party is being represented.2-Both Majoritarian Voting and Proportional Representation have their pros and cons. However, the voting system I feel the US should adopt would be Majoritarian Voting. Depending on if you are a Republican or Democrat, our answers to this question may vary. Me being more a Democratic person, I believe Majoritarian Voting is the right way to go because it’s closer to a Democracy since the person who receives the majority of the votes gets elected. And since the US is Democratic as of right now, I believe the Majoratarian Voting fits in better.

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