CSUN Political Science the Powers of The President & Other Questions

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* Compare and contrast the powers of the president, the vice president, the governor and the speaker of the houses.

Make sure to include the primary functions of each, how they are elected, their term limit and elaborate with examples.

What is the dual court system? And what are the three tiers of federal courts? Describe each in terms of structure, jurisdiction, and powers. Then explain the structure, powers, and jurisdiction of the Supreme Court including the number of justices and the decision making process of the Supreme Court.
* The legislative branch is responsible for making laws.

* Describe the legislative procedure from the point of drafting legislation until it becomes a law.
* Describe the different committees and explain how bills are debated in these committees.
* Describe the differences between majority and minority conferences and why they play an important role in the legislative process.

What is a primary and a caucus? What is the difference between an open and a closed primary? Describe the advantages and disadvantages of closed and open primaries and caucuses.

State legislatures vary across states. What factors that contribute to this variation?

Explain each factor then describe how it impacts policy outcomes.


Explain the difference between county and local government by describing the functions that each have. Then describe the different types of county and city governments.

Make sure to include:

* The name of each type of government
* Who do voters elect
* The functions of the elected officials (the legislative, executive and administrative if applicable)

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