CSUN Political Science Strong Presidents Discussion

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People in the United States claim they want a strong president. 

What does that mean?

Answer the question then respond to two classmates.

1-The President of the United States is one of the most powerful people in the world. To make sure that the President does not become too powerful, the Framers of the Constitution limited the powers of the office. Yet, over time, the President’s power has grown.  I think strong presidents seek political power to accomplish specific goals, not to make themselves look good or even to acquire power, or the perception of power, as an end in itself. Strong presidents have nothing against being reelected. Because strong presidents think in terms of specific goals, they devote a lot of their time to building political support for their goals. Sometimes this takes the form of wooing legislators, including legislators of another political party or ideological persuasion. When polarization and partisanship make such wooing hard if not impossible, that same ambition is likely to take the form of aiding the election of candidates who can be counted on to support one’s goals. While strong presidents are hardly oblivious to calculations of risk and lost prestige, their orientation toward specific goals makes them far more interested in building loyalty. 

2-People in the United States want a president who is independent, sometimes defiant, and demonstrates strong leadership. Citizens want a president with a clear vision, strong communication skills, courage, character, and honesty. We occasionally have presidents who fulfill many of these criteria; however, being a strong president does not imply being a good president. 

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