CS 374T CTU Unified XYZ Systems Software Architecture Overview Paper

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4 pages (total 1,200–1,600 words), not including cover page and references

Assume that you are a software development architect of a global company that has over 50,000 employees working in 15 countries and 50 offices. You have accepted a task that requires you to design a new cloud-based, unified, business contract-management software system to replace the company’s old business contract-management system, which was built based on the data management systems from three different software venders: Oracle DB, Microsoft SQL Server, and SAS Business Intelligence. The main goals for this project are (1) to remove the difference between the user interfaces of all three data management systems and to provide unified access to all of the required business functionality; (2) to also enhance the security and reliability of the business data; and (3) to improve the system availability and performance.

You are required to conduct the following tasks in this sequence order:

  1. Based on the specification of the IP above, identify at least 5 specific functional requirements and at least 3 nonfunctional requirements of the software. Then, distribute all of the requirements into at least 3 use cases, and use UML use case diagrams to present all of your use cases. Please present the reasons for your choices of these requirements and use cases.
  2. Research, through the library and the Internet, for information about the software design paradigm. Select 2 different software design paradigms that can be used for this project, and discuss the pros and cons of each software design paradigm. Then, identify which one you will use, and present the reasons for your decision.
  3. Conduct detailed, high-level architecture design for the software. Specify user interfaces and associated use cases, specify software components and the interactions/communications between the components, and specify which component will support which use case or user interface.
  4. Document all of the results and details produced in the first three steps in a document titled “Software Architecture Overview” by following the template given below.

Template for Software Architecture Overview Document

  • Cover Page:
    • Title
    • Course number
    • Student name
    • Date of completion
  • Content Pages: (4 Pages)
    1. Background Information
      • Functional requirements
      • Nonfunctional requirements
    2. User Interfaces Specification
      • Associations between requirements and use cases (including UML use case diagrams)
      • Associations between use cases and user interface
    3. Components Overview
      • Components specifications
      • Interaction/communication between components
      • Supporting relationship between components and use cases
    4. Design Rationale
      • Pros and cons of software design paradigm 1
      • Pros and cons of software design paradigm 2
      • Your choice and rationale
  • References Page in APA Format
    • Please list at least 4 references (textbooks and the 2 references used in this assignment description can be used as well).

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