Critical Commentaries of Global Economy Dynamics Comparative Inquiry and Analysis

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 write three critical commentaries. 

Commentary #1   This commentary should explore topics in the readings assigned through January 30th. 

The aim of each paper is comparative inquiry and analysis, not  mere description. The emphasis is on reasoning and critical thinking.  It is not enough simply to recapitulate what each reading has to say  about a given theme. You must compare and contrast what they  have to say about a topic of your own choosing. To do this, you must  evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the types of analysis and  theories presented, and offer some conclusion of your own. Thus, each  paper should include the following:

  • A clear, persuasive  introduction with an explicit thesis statement and a roadmap to tell me  where and what you will try to demonstrate in the paper.
  • A very  brief summary or literature review of the selected readings for the  paper, with an emphasis on key arguments, type of analysis and  conclusions found in each work. Avoid summarizing details. Stick to the  main points.
  • A brief summary of the theme to be discussed in  your paper. What are the issues involved and why are they important?  What do we learn from each paper?
  • A comparative inquiry and  analysis of what the readings have to say about the theme. What do we  learn from these discussions? How does the chosen analysis advance or  weaken the key arguments? Which cultural or political perspectives are  at play? What remains to be learned?

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