Congressional Term Limits a Good Idea for Various Reasons Discussion

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Please choose one of the following questions and react to it:

1. In recent years people have proposed term limits for Congressional representatives— limiting Senators to two 6 year terms and members of the House of Representatives to four 2 year terms. Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not?

2. The 17th Amendment was ratified in 1913, making the Senate directly elected by the people of each state. Consider how this changed the incentives of Senators — do you think this change had positive or negative implications for the Senate? Why?

3. The filibuster makes it (usually) necessary to obtain a 60-vote supermajority to get legislation passed in the Senate. Should the filibuster be done away with? If so, why? If you argue we should keep it, why?


Post 1: Filibusters are a controversial aspect when it comes to legislation, since it can stop bad legislation from getting through congress, but it can also stop good legislation from getting processed. I believe that the filibuster should be done away with. Although, the filibuster allows the minority party to have a voice in the legislation process, it prevents senators from addressing other topics that might need urgent attention. It is a waste of time and I see it as a form of subtle racist policy utilized to block democracy-protecting bills. In other courses, I have learned about how filibusters were used to freeze civil right legislation and anti-lynching polls. Today, the filibuster erodes democratic participation and electoral victories incited by minority communities.

Post 2: Personally, I think term limits would be a great idea. First of all, the term limit can be a very effective way to reduce the situation of corruption within the government. If they want to be re-elected, they have to make enough contributions to society during the limited term, strive to improve people’s life quality, and get more people’s support. To some extent, this prevents corruption and improves the efficiency of the government. This is an effect that cannot be achieved in a system with long tenure, in which the majority of people know only the incumbent, which usually leads to high approval ratings and re-election rates. Term limits will also be an important foundation for improving government. Shorter terms will mean more opportunities for people to run for office and more ideas from different people to be put forward. This will allow Congress to always know what people really think, understand them better and make more effective policies.

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