Child Protective Services Paper

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1.Give a brief description of agency and services provided.

2. Summarize assessment information.
a. Provide a summary of the client’s demographic description and any pertinent
information about the family system. Demographics consist of ethnicity, race,
education, knowledge, age, marital status, gender, and social economic status.
b. What is the presenting problem? Provide a human behavior and social environment
(HBSE) theory to explain how and why you developed your conclusion.
c. Explain the effect of socioeconomic status on client. Support your argument with
research regarding the effects of socioeconomic status on human development,
education, and/or health.
d. Define culture and its significance in social work. Based on the definition of
culture, define and explain a minimum of two cultural factors that affect who client
is or his/her situation.
e. Explain how your client’s culture and ethnicity impacts the presenting problem.
f. What are the client’s strengths? Limitations?
g. Who else is affected by the problem? How are they affected by the problem? Apply
systems theory and include answers in the micro, mezzo, and macro levels.
h. How is your case impacted by policy? Name and show how one specific policy
has had or could have had a meaningful effect on the client’s experiences.
3. Summarize goal planning, the intervention plan and the actual intervention.
a. What goals and objectives were developed? Who developed them?
b. What needs to be changed? Consider changes to the client, family system,
environment, policy, etc.

Field – Micro/Macro Paper, Page 2

c. Does client have the motivation, capacity, and ability to change? Provide a human
behavior and social environment (HBSE) theory to explain how and why you
developed your conclusion.
d. What resources are available? This can also include resources available but not
e. What intervention options are available? Name two interventions and justify the
use of these interventions with relevant social work literature (i.e., evidence-based
f. Provide two social work skills-based techniques that were helpful in working with
this case. Explain how you applied the skills in the case. This web link is not all
inclusive and provided as a start.…
4. Summarize your evaluation of the intervention.
a. Were the desired outcomes (goals) achieved? What evaluation tool was used or
could have been used to evaluate the process or outcome of the case? What does
the evaluation tool measure?
i. If outcomes were achieved, what process did you utilize to terminate the
client? If termination did not occur, how might it occur based on agency
procedure and/or best evidence-based practices?
ii. If outcomes were not achieved or still ongoing, what barriers were
1. Have the barriers been addressed?
a. If yes, how were the barriers addressed?
b. If not, why not?

Reference Page: Utilize minimum of six (6) references to support your claims, assessments, and
analysis of government policy, HBSE, and evidence-based practice. Use in-text citation with APA
style appropriately. Provide reference page using APA style.

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